Now for more of the trip to the sets of Stargate...... Above is one of the finished publicity shots from the trip

This was the hotel we stayed at. Several of the cast actually live here. Apartments on the left, suites on the right.

Next... The entry to the studios:

Once you park....

Get a map. Pretty much the whole place is Stargate now.
The main gate rooms are in the building on the right side "stage 5 and 6."
The Atlantis balcony/exterior and Village sets are in the "FX" building.

Stroll around and you'll find fun spots like these:

Always Sunny - NOT!

But the coffee is always hot and the food plenty:

Enter, one of several stage doors:

What is this mess?
Pick an entry, left to go up, straight to go under and around, or right to go into the corridors....

I went into the corridors...

Wall section blown out by Larin in "Travelers" Aired 10/26/2007

The cool staircase with the massive steel catwalk above:

More catwalk shots

NOTE - The Atlantian lamps below can just plug in the wall like normal. Wonder if you can catch that on TV.
Those holes are for running cable thru. When not in use they pop a piece back in.
They only have a few of these lamps, but when you watch the show they move em around to be everywhere.

Anyone wanna try to solve this problem?

That catwalk stretches over the whole 3 story tall assembly of sets, you can walk on it too!
This whole structure was originally used in the feature Film "Blade Trinity"
and was the top of Parker Posey's skyscraper.

The famous Ancient's Control chair!!!

I had too...

In the catwalk, actually this is the end of it and I'm looking up into it.

This is the balcony overlooking the ocean on Atlantis

And under the balcony is the Atlantian Starship Bridge set.

And hiding around the corner, a familiar prop.... The M.A.L.P.


NEXT TIME....The Village Set....